Other Groups

I ran a reading group for the piece 'Elements of Anti-Semitism' by Adorno and Horkheimer. The group was intended to serve as a primer for SIMtv episode 5, which seeks to answer the question 'What Do We Do Now?'. The group was attended by Dana and Hannah Richo. More successfully, I ran a writing group for National Writing Month that met four times and was attended by Kiana Williams, Hannah Richo, Ace Epstein, Anna Reidister, Sonnae Peterson, A'knesha Davis, and Anthony Fader. In the group, which each set our own writing goals for the month and then met weekly to check in and discuss what was and wasn't working. I will also be acting in Sonnae's puppet piece for Sunnyside Manor.

Critique Groups

I was in Naomi's critique group for four weeks and got an animatic adaption of a Hafiz poem critiqued. Below is the version I got critiqued and a second, work in progress.