On stones tossed by waves and collected by an amateur witch:
All I am is heart,
wrapped up between lungs and held
in ribcage.
open and bleeding

I have not found my other pieces yet.
I do not know if there are any.

To Purpose (One That I Have No Experience With But Have Imagined)
the inherent homosexuality-
    in light house keeping
    in devotion

to keeping a light lit
for no one to ever know it was you
silent slow madness in near isolation
drowned out by the sea

i see seabirds out my window
i hear them scream with the roaring tides

i wish to devote myself to light
to guiding the way home
to simplicity and routine
and purpose.

I am a yellow
And sometimes I will shimmer
A bright and soft green.


you make me go deer-in-headlights fear.

consider the doe and zir antlers:
twin moon eyeing the driver,
rooted to yellow lines and asphalt.
consider the acid breathing monster
sitting in the front seat.

they are mirror in front of mirror
made in each other’s image.

i am the deer and i am the driver.

deer-in-my-headlights, run!
my foot will not leave the gas.

dear-heart, you could make me dream,
but i have seen your sunshine and transfigured headlights.

it is too late.
you were never supposed to be the car,

but it’s an instinct
and maybe there was a time when it was protection,
but now we collide

i go fl y  i  n   g

shoes land on the curb

airbags inflate
my lungs deflate

do you stay away from the curb?
or do you too,
dare the cars to hit you?

over the hill and through the woods to-
raised yellow pushes through the sole of your shoe
you carry your bags down a ramp,
across the tracks,
to the village

passenger door opened by a hand attached to an unfamiliar
body that can only be your own.

you get into a familiar car that all of a sudden is a stranger
you do not know the face of the woman who sits in the drivers seat
she welcomes you, she knows you

you are supposed to know who that is
but the shapes twist
you have no idea who you’re speaking to
panic rises in your throat
and then

she comes into focus.


wax made jaws
the teeth stuck
locked into sun flesh
i am 21 and I already feel like i’m running out of time

i want to swallow the world whole but she
is too big for me

i want to dissolve into the wind
be everythingeverywhere

i am made of wantings and no reasonings

with feathers for fingernails and bare rabbits feet

i leave footprints in fresh snow.