1. What did I do successfully this semester?

2. What do I need to improve on/where was I lacking?

3. What about the text based work I'm doing right now is resonating? What isn't?

4. Are the poetry comics an effective way of moving forward with the poetry I've been writing?

5. What is your advice on how to continue with bringing the research based content from my Free Will Essay and bringing it into my other work?

6. Do you have any suggestions for queer theory readings?


To the side are links to the work that I want most to talk about and that I think will set the tone of the work I'd like to produce next semester. Next semester, in addition to the work to the side, I would like to write a second draft to the novel that I wrote the majority of during November and intend to finish by December 18th. I would like continue forward with creating text heavy work and further enmesh that with animation and the still work I've been producing. The links to the side represent the work that I think will be most relevant to the work I would like to produce in the coming semester.